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Why Should Every Citizen Should Know About Criminal Law ?

Why Should Every Citizen Should Know About Criminal Law ?

Understanding What Is Criminal Law – By The Perspective Of A Lawyer

Set of legal rules that are used to impose punishment as a result of failure to comply with the law. Every person who is guilty of an offense shall be liable for punishment under a criminal case. Different punishments have been laid down for different offenses. Criminal Laws often deal with the finding of the threat, harm or damage to one’s property or health. In these cases, every activity will be taken seriously and if proven, punishment will be given to those who violated the law. Advocate Prabhat is one of the topmost and famous criminal lawyers in Lucknow in specialized in criminal cases related to murder, rape, forgery, theft, dacoity & kidnapping.

The offenses are cognizable, non-cognizable and the procedure of appeal goes on from lower courts to higher courts right up to the Supreme Court. Any person who wants to file a criminal case against a person, who committed a crime against an individual, society, government, shall approach police station or to a lawyer/attorney for registering the criminal case to investigate, prosecute and punish the culprit.

My Services Under Criminal Cases Are As Follows-

  • Registering of crime.
  • For anticipatory bail.
  • For obtaining bail
  • Quashing of FIR.
  • Quashing of criminal cases
  • For prosecuting and defending of the criminal cases for all crimes
  • For defending anti-corruption cases
  • For defending CBI cases.
  • For defending economic offenses etc.
  • For prosecuting and defending of the criminal case with regards to the dishonor of cheques and for other crimes.


What makes advocate Prabhat the best property lawyer in Lucknow?

Property cases

Many spend their lives fighting the property cases or suffer sorrow because they were innocent and bought property by accepting bogus property documents. Being one of the most reputed property lawyers in Lucknow I cannot see my clients in such legal problems. My services include property documentation, property litigation, and property law services. I provide speedy and authentic documentation work and also offer an immediate resolution to property disputes. I also provide comprehensive services related to buying, selling and leasing of properties etc at very paltry prices. I have gained immense expertise in handling all types of legal matters related to property disputes. Being amongst the best high court lawyers in India, my objective is to provide end to end judgment to my clients who became the victims of the hilarious culprits.

My offered services-

  • Preparation of will
  • Motor accident cases
  • Criminal cases
  • Land registration
  • Marriage registration
  • Shop registration
  • Flat registration
  • Property deeds
  • Sale deeds
  • Land registration deeds
  • Legal documentation and advice on sale/purchase/lease of property
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Land use regulations
  • Mortgage and finance agreements
  • Building, development and construction contracts
  • House tax disputes
  • Projects and retail property transactions
  • Real estate investment and development projects