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Why Advocate Prabhat Is The Best Property Lawyer In Lucknow ?

Why Advocate Prabhat Is The Best Property Lawyer In Lucknow ?

About Advocate Prabhat:

Advocate Prabhat is one of the most reputed and best property lawyer in Lucknow offering legal and financial services. When you are faced with any criminal charges, the best way to come out of the same is to hire a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer. Being amongst the best lawyers in Lucknow, I have in-depth knowledge in criminal law and is well appreciated in courts thereby becoming your voice to protect your constitutional rights. I have enough experience to suitably represent your criminal case at any stage of trial and in any forum including district courts & high court of India.

As a topmost high court lawyer in Lucknow, I have obligatory experience in diverse legal services with an immaculate track record of offering flawless and speedy professional services in litigation practice as well as corporate practice. My system of working is highly transparent and I work in close coordination with the clients to give them the best solutions in accordance with their requirements.

My legal services include:

  • Handle all business immigration /expansion
  • Multi-Jurisdictional litigation
  • International arbitration
  • Financial frauds
  • Foreign Investment
  • International agreements and joint ventures business formation
  • Entertainment law
  • Motion picture and TV
  • Registration and protection of copyrights
  • Trademarks and patents
  • Verification of parties in a transaction
  • Human rights
  • Breach of contract and cheating
  • Recovery of international debts
  • Advisor on exports/imports international trade
  • Legal services
  • Corporate advisory services
  • Tribunals services
  • Regulatory support services
  • Conflict resolution services
  • Mediation services
  • Public interest seeking services
  • Sole proprietorship registration services
  • Solicitation services
  • Trade license services
  • Bid process management services
  • Debt resolution services
  • Consumer and products liability

My years of experience and ethical business policy have also helped me to maintain a cordial business relationship with my esteemed clients. My ability to understand client’s problems within a short span of time has enabled me to offer optimal solutions to the clients and respond to their legal queries in an effective manner which makes me the best lawyer in Lucknow. While handling a case, I abide by all the codes and conducts enacted by the government of India.

What makes me a leading property lawyer?

After years of constant practice and hard work, I have achieved that platform of being the best property lawyer Lucknow. I provide all the legal services by pertaining to-

  • Property disputes
  • Purchase and sale
  • Transfer, construction, partition, evaluation, conversion, lease, license.
  • Conducting due diligence of the property which also includes the services pertaining to the legal title search of the property to establish the soundness of the legal title of the property.

Various other aspects related to the land use, FSI, FAR and statutory clearances are involved in this process besides the verification of the proper title of the property. Such information helps the intending buyers in taking a decision regarding buying a property and fixing its proper price. Being a reputed property lawyer in Lucknow, I also provide entire services related to the FDI in real estate and the legal issues related to various property projects. The issues related to land use, FSI, FAR and other compliances are dealt by me to advise the client about the future of the project and the level of compliance’s required in such project.