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The Closest Insight About Best High Court Lawyer In India

The Closest Insight About Best High Court Lawyer In India

About Advocate Prabhat – Best High Court Lawyer In India

I have established myself as one of the best high court lawyers in Lucknow providing legal assistance to my client all over the city. I have worked in many fields of litigation, therefore I know how to provide legal assistance to the clients.

Therefore, I deal in the following area of law:

  • Criminal disputes of every kind
  • Bail in high court and session courts in India
  • Business-related disputes
  • Civil disputes like the partition of property movable or immovable
  • Intellectual property right disputes
  • Recovery under civil and criminal law
  • Cheque bounce cases
  • Consumer cases disputes in district forum, state commission, and national commission all over India
  • Cybercrime, and all disputes related to online fraud including bank fraud
  • Documents review
  • Petition in a high court of India
  • All the Notices in accordance with the law in India

Best Criminal Lawyer :

Having named in F.I.R. as accused in any crime can be a terrifying experience due to powers of police to arrest you taking your rights of freedom and destroying your life. At the same time, you have critical rights under law which you may not be aware of a layman. That necessitates expert guidance and advice. Me, being the best criminal case lawyer in India always remain enthusiastic to defend and protect your rights in the face of the formidable power of the police.

I have the capacity to recognize imperative pretrial issues and disclose it to you in a way that you are never unaware of present circumstances. Being the best high court lawyers in India, I will disclose the whole procedure to you. At any point, it is most likely for you to get all the details and copy of those documents to get a second opinion. This is the reason the legal procedure with me will be very easy and not a criticism in the first place.

When you are faced with any criminal charges, the best way to come out of the same is to hire a knowledgeable and experienced defense lawyer. My in-depth knowledge in criminal law is well appreciated in courts and it becomes your voice to protect your constitutional rights. I have enough experience to suitably represent your criminal case at any stage of trial and in any forum including district courts & high courts.

Pros Of Taking My Services

I represent clients in all types of criminal cases in all the courts and tribunals in the country. I have my network around the whole country and thus, my clients do not have to engage local lawyers. I have in my panel advocates, advocates on records (AOR) who can file petitions directly in any Court. Being the best high court lawyers in India my sphere of representation ranges from

  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts
  • District Courts