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Who is Advocate Prabhat Tripathi ?

Who is Advocate Prabhat Tripathi ?

Advocate Prabhat is one of the most respected and admired Lawyer in Lucknow. Possess sound knowledge of the law and sharp legal skills in the application of the law. The Legal services provided by him are widely acknowledged and appreciated by the clients for the authenticity and reliability. He is completely responsible for providing the legal judgment or result-oriented legal aid to the clients especially in cases involving rape, crime, divorce, family disputes, etc which makes him the most trustworthy Civil matter lawyer in Lucknow. He handles the following cases-

  • Bail matters
  • All types of criminal trials
  • Anticipatory bail matters (ABA)
  • NDPS cases
  • Write petitions, revisions, and appeals in High Court
  • Matrimonial disputes and divorce cases
  • Cheque bounce cases
  • Domestic violence
  • Civil laws

What makes him the best divorce lawyers in Lucknow?

It is very common for people to file a petition under the influence of well-wishers who do not have enough knowledge to advise correctly on legal matters. If you are perturbed about your married situation and want to find out where would your divorce petition stand when judged through the Indian legal framework then you must consult advocate Prabhat as he one of the best divorce lawyers in Lucknow. He works in complete and close coordination with his clients and does the entire case study very thoroughly. He has a vast experience and expertise in dealing with cases like-

  • Divorce on mutual consent
  • Contested divorce
  • Annulment of marriage
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Mediated divorce
  • Child custody

Why is Advocate Prabhat the best civil matter lawyer in Lucknow?

Civil laws are made by legislators, not through decisions rendered by judges, and are contained in a book of statutes. Civil matters can be described as situations dealing with relationships between people, such as a marriage, or a contract dispute. Advocate Prabhat is one of the finest civil matter lawyer in Lucknow and has extensive experience in all types of legal matters. Our team works round the clock to provide the finest legal service to his clients. The civil legal assistance offered by advocate Prabhat is done after testing the required means and merits, therefore, considered to be highly reliable which makes him the best civil matter lawyer in Lucknow. Because of his experience, he is able to quickly and efficiently advise on even the most complex civil legal issues.

  • Employment – Assisting individual, industries, and trade in disputes over executive compensation and contracts, service matters, claims of discrimination and employment-related arbitration.
  • Real Estate (Construction/housing/development) – Handling contractual and development disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, secured lending, rent review arbitrations, nuisance and trespass, property aspects of liquidation, insolvency, and receivership.
  • Finance– Supporting and advising on investigations and disciplinary proceedings by regulatory authorities.
  • Environment – Defending claims and prosecutions and advice on risk management.
  • Commercial – Advising on all litigation-related aspects of deals.