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Our Practice Is Your Solution

We practice at the supreme court of India, high court lawyer Allahabad high courts ( Lucknow bench), the district court, sessions court, and lower courts at Lucknow  .we have been practicing on many areas for a better legal system.

We Practice in the Supreme Court of India, Allahabad High Courts, Allahabad High Court(Lucknow Bench), District Court, Sessions Courts and Lower Courts at Lucknow.

Areas Of Practice

We have the major specialty in criminal cases, family matters, bail and civil disputes.

Criminal Cases

Crave me for criminal justice! Criminal law was originated in the late 16th century. It is a law made to pay a penalty for the offensive acts and threatening public welfare. Criminal law is a body that has the right to rap knuckles against the individual person attempting any sort of unlawful and illegal activities such as murder, assault, sexual assault kidnapping, etc.

Bail Matters

We bring you out, we bring you across it. Bail is the releasing order given from the court for releasing the convict from the prison and forms a part of the criminal justice system which ensures every man guiltless until proven guilty .bail is granted during the suspension or an appeal and sum of money are need to be deposited for the bail of any individual.

Dowry Harassment Cases

Dowry the mask of flowers hides a terrorist’s face! Dowry harassment is attempted where there is a custom of acquiring more wealth and goods after marriage. if the wife ’s family is not capable of fulfilling their greediness then a husbands family attempts to abuse and torture a girl which may lead to unlawful activity.

Cybercrime Cases

Online harassment has an offline impact. cyber crimes are crimes through the medium of computers and the internet. Through cybercrime, many unlawful activities can take place like theft, fraud, devilry, and revenge.

Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence prohibition begins with you! Domestic violence is misbehaving within a home or with your partner which may involve the use of abusive and violent words and beating or any sort of violent activity. Domestic violence law provides law to punish the criminal attempting such violence against someone.

  • Criminal Revision and Criminal Appeals in Session Court at Lucknow.
  • A criminal appeal, Civil appeal at Allahabad High Court and Allahabad High Court(Lucknow Bench).
  • Criminal Writ petitions at Allahabad High Court and Allahabad High Court (Lucknow Bench).
  • A trial before Magistrate’s Court, Sessions Courts at Lucknow.
  • Criminal Cases
  • Bail Matters
  • Matrimonial Disputes Cases
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Dowry harassment Cases
  • Cheating and Fraud Cases
  • Cheque Bouncing Cases
  • National and State Consumer Dispute Case
  • Medical Negligence Cases
  • Civil and Property disputes Cases
  • NDPS Cases
  • MCOCA Cases
  • Anti-Corruption Cases
  • Cyber Crime Cases

* Specialization in Criminal Cases, Family matters , Bail , & Civil Disputes.